Notes in a Car...

I won’t even get into why this post is delayed...

Okay, maybe I will a little bit, HERTZ. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Question, just how do you run out of cars? You understand that’s like Starbucks running out of coffee, Whole Foods running out of well, food. The freaking Gap running out of jeans. Seriously, how does that happen? And without a word of notice to your loyal patrons prior to landing? UGH! Okay. End of rant.

I promise. Because, unlike HERTZ, I keep my promises, and reservations. Am I being harsh? Yep. I admit it. But, I was tired and hangry, and even three days later, I'm still holding a grudge over being stranded for three hours, in the middle of the night, without snacks.*

I wasn’t even mad that I had to sit there, doing nothing. Because while sitting there, I started writing this post. It really doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Well, it is. 

Every time I would begin a new sentence, start to type something remotely funny, form the perfect idea, another human would stand next to me and tap their little foot for attention. I don’t know if you know this or not, but tapping your foot and making loud sighs, are a universal sign of “I’m irritated, so look at me.” And guess what? It worked. I looked. So, there went my material. Any writer can back me up on this, once you lose an idea it is just gone forever, lost in the million other thoughts swirling around your brain.

The material was good too. Maybe? I was so deliriously hungry and tired, anything sounded good. It was a solid title. “What’s My State Again?” Get it? Because D.C. is made up of so many. How punny is that, Blink 182 fans? Yeah. Well, no one will ever know. Also, I won't ever use the word punny again.

So, what is this post really about? Well, I'm not going to get into my explorations of this area. That will be another time, instead I intend to share with you some in the moment notes taken to remind myself just exactly what I saw on this trip. I should warn you, the words you are about to read were dictated to Siri, therefore they make zero sense...

1.     Ghost town trail (Okay, Googled this. It is a real, abandoned, and actually extremely creepy sounding place. So, naturally I will explore).

2.     Horshoe Bend (you are reading that right. Hor-shoe)

3.     George Washington Carrera, bro

4.     Sugarloaf Mountain (she managed to get this one right. Probably because it is a ridiculous name, for what appeared to be a hill).

5.     Lucket

6.     Balls Bluff Battlefield (Yep, that’s real too. To have been a fly on the wall during the naming of this battle, “No, No. Not Bluff Battle. That doesn’t sound right. Throw balls in there. Yeah. That’s the ticket.”)

7.     Apricot it

And finally…

8.     Brown

Interesting, right? I don't think I actually remember any of those places. Except for Balls Bluff. Who could forget that? 

But, I do remember this..During my trek in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia I found a secret garden, an entrance to the Appalachian Trail, and went to a small town where the Civil War started. And in those moments, I made actual memories. And learned to find the beauty in what you can't actually control, and just explore. 



*I will be the first to make this disclaimer. Hence going forward, even if I am sick to my stomach prior to boarding (because I hate flying and that is a whole other conversation), I will pack snacks in my bag, in the event of being stranded.

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