What Happens in Vegas...

What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. It actually comes home with me to share with all of you. No, I am not going to chat about how someone almost lost a toe, or how someone basically went blind, from what we can only assume is from the pool water. Yes, these things did occur, but sadly those are secrets that cannot be revealed. Instead, I want to talk self-confidence. I want to talk beauty. I want to talk about gals sticking together, and making each other feel good about themselves. I want to talk everything that Vegas doesn't seem to stand for. 


Our first full day on the Vegas Strip was chalked full of sun, alcohol and pool parties. We had some laughs, and created memories that will last a life time. But, amid all the fun, all I could notice was how uncomfortable, Every. Single. Girl, seemed to feel. Some more than others, of course. And all seemed to be uncomfortable for different reasons. But why? Every. Single. Girl, there was beautiful. Every. Single. Girl, had something different to offer. So, why did it just seem like one giant competition to get the best snap chat or for the drunk dude to buy you a beer?

So, I started to think that Vegas does something to you. There is a certain standard that has to be met, it seems. Like when I was packing, for instance. You can all see my day to day style; not tight, not really revealing, at all, but as I was weeding through my closet, those are the things I started to throw in my suitcase. The booty shorts, and the low cut tops. Sure things I own for those moments that make ME feel good, but I was tossing them in my suitcase for all the wrong reasons. But, why? For attention? To live up to this false expectation? 

I didn't know, until we were walking into a club with a party promoter. A long time friend of one of the girls. Seemed like a good dude. That is until he opened his mouth, and threw out the biggest load of hot garbage I have ever heard...

"Normally, a group of girls, like you, who aren't tens couldn't even get into places like this."

Wait, what?! Hold the God Damn phone. First of all, we are tens, maybe even twenties. Just because we don't resemble the standard Vegas gal, doesn't mean anything! In fact, we are a group of girls with amazing careers, beautiful souls, top-model faces, with bangin' bods that are all different, but still beautiful. And each night before we went out, everyone was throwing compliments around like confetti in our room! But, there it was. He said it. The standard that guys are creating for girls to follow. Well, I call bullshit. 

Now, if you know me. You know that I am a pretty confident person. Not in that boastful kind of way, where I think that I am better than everyone else. But in the way that I rarely let anyone or anything tear me down. I am still human though, and I have my days when I let these words or feelings chip away at my wall, leaving me a little wounded. Quite frankly, I don't know what is worse? Wondering where that confident woman went? Or how I could possibly let someone else throw stones directly at me without standing up for myself?

And his words, I took personally. And for the first time in a long time, my confidence was rocked. I didn't want to start drama, or ruin anyone's good time, so I quietly kept these words to myself. Until now. Because ladies, we need to stick together. I saw each of you at the pool party, and out at night, and walking the strip, and guess what? You are amazing and beautiful in your own way. I think I knew it all along, but it took me leaving that place to actually see it. Especially, when I surrounded myself with the strong women, I call friends! 

I think it is safe to say that we have all been there, and we have all felt it, and yet here we stand talking smack on each other, and tearing each other down, rather than sticking together and building each other up. So no more. No more looking at someone and automatically categorizing them in a stereotype. No more picking apart their outfit choices, because guess what if they feel good in that low cut top, then awesome! But girls, you have to promise me that you start to do things for you. Live your lives for you. Not for anyone else, and certainly not to live up to a false standard! Deal?

My amazing friend, Nicky, of This Blissful Moment, has been doing something great, and I think we should all partake. We are all on social media, and at any given point of the day we are scrolling through and looking at some really amazing pictures, but most of the time, we only think the kind thoughts and continue on. This time, stop, and comment, and let that person know just how amazing you think they are. Let's change the standard. Let's stick together. Because what's better than girl power?



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