Dear Berkeley, California

Dear Berkeley, California...

When I landed in San Francisco, I didn't expect that you would be the city that I chose to travel to, one evening after a long day's work. I thought perhaps the Golden Gate Bridge, or Fisherman's Wharf would have been where I roamed.

Next time, San Fran, next time. 

It was instead, that I typed the words Berkeley University into my GPS, and headed from the terrifyingly beautiful (really. It really was the scariest, cutest, neighborhood I've ever seen) Marina Square, towards hippie heaven. Once I wound up on campus, I was surprisingly happy that I chose to explore this little town. The architecture and various structures of old and new was something to see for sure, but it was College Avenue that was home to the tiny, little book stores, adorable boutiques that stood next to Tibetan inspired clothing emporiums (where I would have purchased the unique goods had I brought a bigger suitcase. Side note...always pack the bigger bag), that were adjacent from stationary and wine shops, and the "LaLa Land" looking theater. I mean, it really was sort of like this hidden gem amongst a place in the world completely known for its big sister city. 

Berkeley, California

I could have spent an entire day roaming in Mrs. Dalloway' bookshop, taking pictures in front of the art covered walls, or picking the endless flowers from the local florists, but my stomach was rumbling and it was time to eat. So, when it looked like I had come to the end of College Avenue, I didn't because a tiny pet shop*, and some more magical places called my name.

Berkeley, California

It wasn't until half way through dinner that I had discovered my next stop, and the most amazing one (I think, quite possibly ever). Cinna-holic. That's right. It was a place that specialized in God damn cinnamon rolls. Can't get any better than that. Actually it did because it turns out that every choice was Vegan. Vegan and freaking delicious! And if you can even believe it, it got even better, right about the time the people watching began when the two munchie-craving humans walked in and tried to order ten minutes before the shop closed. Can I just pause for a sec and give a shout out to the two employees who had the patience of saints, while Cheech and Chong changed their minds twenty-five times. 

Berkeley, California

Which I can understand why, because the menu was insane. Word to the wise, save yourself the decision and get the Oreo. I promise, you won't be sorry. 


All in all Berkeley, who knew that in the few short hours I roamed your street you would have shown me so much, and entertained me so greatly. While I didn't burn my bra, or jump in a protest, I'd say that it was a successful trip to such a thriving, little city. 


*And yes I went into the pet shop, and thought the tiny rabbits were adorable, but silently flinched while walking through the bird area. Wasn't probably my most elegant moment.

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