Dear New Hampshire

Or should I say N'Hampshah? A land in which moose run free, where diners are a dime a dozen. Where words like "wicked" and "pissah," or "wicked pissah" are just rolled off the tongue, and other words like Winnipesaukee and Nashua* are gravely mispronounced by yours truly.Truly a beautiful place that inhabits most New England vacationers in some capacity. I mean, who knew this state had so many lakes?

I started my New England adventure by driving the two hours and some change, from Boston* to my first destination, Tilton. A small town that unfortunately, didn't get the chance to explore. Other than the highly recommended Tilton Diner. Where "Leftovers are free," and classic car shows still exist. I won't get into too much detail on the food. It is what one would expect in a place that still plays music out of a Jukebox, greasy and delicious. But, for all you Instagrammers, I have found the Mecca of Rettel boards (all of my pictures turned out blurry. Boo I know. But, take my word for it. It's kind of amazing), and all the sayings you could want. And despite what one of the signs says, they do not have a bar. I checked...

Then before I knew it, I had driven "Back to the Future," two hours north, from Marty McFly's fav hang out (see what I did there? It's fine. I made myself giggle), straight into Cullen* territory, to a small town called North Conway.

It was cute. It was kitchy. And it was full of tiny shops, mostly local, some even built with the town itself, but open and ready for out-of-towners to purchase tax free. And I don't just mean the clothing...I mean everything! Points for you New Hampshire!

Before I made the trek back to Boston, I received a tip about one spot that I couldn't miss. Cathedral's ledge. I didn't know what to expect. But I will share with you this; 1. if you think it's the spot, it probably isn't, so don't let the various mini-parking lots fool you. Keep pushing your gas up and up and up and up the tiny, one-lane road until you can't go any further, then my friends, you have found your ledge. 2. A spectacular view awaits you. 3. Despite what they say, sandals are not okay footwear, and with all the bugs, you can't take ice cream. 

So N'Hampshah, you were massively beautiful, and a complete surprise. In a totally great way. And as much as I wanted to drive the fifteen minutes to Maine (just to say I was there), and visit the local Tartan shop (Loch Carron of Scotland, naturally to find my husband), and test out my Big Foot calling skills (because, why not?), I sadly, ran out of time. But, there is always next time! Until then N.H...


*Side note: If you ever want to put me on the spot, here is a fun game. Ask me to read road signs. Businesses, places, doesn't matter. I can almost guarantee I won't be able to pronounce it. Also, you should probably know that if I do mispronounce whatever word you point out to me, I will lie and say that I did it on purpose. 

*Side note: Just a quick reminder in case you are just tuning in, I do all of this traveling for work. And these posts are about the quick moments I have to explore. Okay...carry on. 

*Side note:For all of you who are pretending to not know what a Cullen is, you aren't fooling anyone but yourself. 


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