There's Always a First...

But more importantly, there's always a last. Let me start by saying, I won't disclose the particulars, because I'm aware to the fact that while traveling I have become quite privileged in my choices to rest my weary head, but I'm not unaware that this reality is the only option for some folks. So no bashing on any names, or locations. Instead, this is just a take on how I handle scary hotel situations. 

Let me start with the back story...recently I started a new position, which is definitely helping me rack up my frequent flyer miles, by having me travel the country quite a bit. Something I think is really kind of cool. Just not when staying at the Bates Motel. 

Most of the time, I have some what of a say in where I can stay, but in the cases of traveling to the middle of nowhere, options can get pretty grim. And by pretty grim, I mean complete shit holes. 

Which is exactly what this was. Newly renovated they said. Close to where you have to go, they said. What they didn't say is that when I walked onto the elevator, that it would have suddenly dropped into place before taking me to the third floor. 

That when I opened the door to my hotel, it would smell of Clorox bleach. Eerily similar to what I'm assuming a murder clean up would smell like.

Nope. Not one word. Not even from the anxious and sweaty front desk clerk. Nothing. The beads of sweat should have tipped me off. 

Never the less, I persisted. And why? Well because travelers endure. But, really? Because I most certainly wasn't going to sleep in the middle of no where, in my car. 

So very, very fully clothed, and shoed, I assessed the situation, and in the dimly lit room of 305, things weren't looking promising at all. 

Let's face it people, I had already had in mind that I was totally foregoing the shower. That's right, skipping it. A dirty me, was actually cleaner than this place. And thank goodness I didn't take the chance, because staring boldly at me, while brushing my teeth, were tiny hairs. The kind of hairs one never wants to see in this particular situation. And in case I'm not making myself perfectly clear, the kind that hail from a certain area of ones body. So despite how itchy, and gross I was feeling (let me add that it was mostly from standing in this terrifying room), I decided that it was best for my soul not to see what was behind the shower curtain.

Now I know that I'm not the only one who has experiences like this, and I know sometimes we don't have a choice, but I do know of a few simple hacks, that won't bog down your luggage, and will keep your space, or at least your sanity, feeling so fresh and so clean, clean...

Note: For your convenience, these are all travel sized, and tuck nicely in any suitcase. 


Febreeze: The only thing you need to know is that it masks even the worst of smells. 

Lysol: Saves the day in any sticky situation, literally, any sticky situation. 

Pillow case: Well come on, this is just cute. And to some may seem a little over-zealous, but just laying it over the hotel pillow case has rescued me from feeling itchy the next day! 

Slippers: We all know what is embedded in these carpets. Do yourself a favor...please. Oh, also, these wipe clean, or you can just toss them in the wash. 

*Remote hack*: What is this you may ask? Well, let's just put it this way, the remote is probably worse than the rugs, so a simple hack I've learned is to take the plastic bag (from the ice bucket, because come on, no one uses that damn thing), and wrap the remote up. Sure you look like a germ-a-phob to housekeeping, but yes it gives you peace of mind! 


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