A Halloween Tale

Brace yourselves, friends for a spooky tale...

I'm sorry. I can't take myself seriously. Not after this second glass of wine. I needed it, though. After the past two sleepless nights.

There I go again...

Okay, let me try this. Scary tales, bumps in the night, and unexplained phenomenas are something of a thing in my family. So, it's no surprise when I get a call from my mother, right around this time of year, rambling off the hundreds of haunted places she would love to visit. There is usually a lot of back and forth from my brother, "the skeptic," and a lot of trying to convince him the places we are considering really are haunted. But, eventually he gives in, and the five of us set out on our family haunt. This year, we made our way back to Gettysburg. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with this small town, best known for it's Civil War battle, please, please open a history book and read up. But, for those of you who paid attention in history class than you can probably take a guess that it's really haunted. Spoiler alert...DUH. 

Let's fast forward a bit to the juicy part of the tale. My brother of all people, was in charge of entertainment. That meant finding us a tour of sorts to take. So, of all things, the skeptic books us on a small, intimate ghost tour, where we are to investigate the woods and a covered bridge behind the battlefield. To put it lightly, it was a tour of the middle of nowhere, with no lights, no people, and no one to hear you scream. I already wanted to sit in the car. But, it was either be by myself and risk experience something alone or go with the rest of the crew that paid to be scared shitless. 

I have to pause a moment. It sounds like I wasn't up for this.

Well, I wasn't. Not because I don't believe, but mostly because I DO BELIEVE. And sometimes, when the full moon is at the right position in the sky, and it's a cloudless night, and the planets are aligned, "I see dead people."  Let's just say, I can be in tune with my surroundings. 

Okay, back to the story.

So, after we get out of our car and hear the rules and regulations about all the equipment we are about to be responsible for. Yes, equipment. We head for what clearly is the creepiest, covered bridge I have ever seen, straight in to the darkest part of the woods, and land ourselves directly in front of an old field hospital. Sounds just freaking wonderful, doesn't it?

Well, it gets better. We have this equipment, right? Which in the Zotis household is like Christmas Day. My family couldn't wait to separate from the group and get to ghost hunting. Which is just what we did...at the edge of the G.D. forest. And then in the forest. And then in a field. And then back in the forest where we formed a circle. with fellow ghost hunters, using what pros call, a spirit box. Aka. the creepiest thing known to man. Basically, it's a small radio that flicks through channels quickly, in hopes that it will generate enough energy to pick up words from beyond. Not exactly my idea of a fun time, ya know there in the middle of the woods, listening to radio jargon in the dark. 

I may or may not have been holding Vick's hand, when someone from the other side started to answer the groups questions. Now, the next part of the story is true, in my eyes at least. But, I will say this, not sure I would believe it had I not been there to witness it myself. Allow me to explain...

With the spirit box, you ask simple questions, and wait patiently to receive an answer. "What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from?" Things like that. Well, a Mr. Andrew Kilpatrick came through, clear as day. He was a doctor from North Carolina. Married to a woman named, Lucy. He cared for seven men in the field hospital, and died during the battle. Yes, all easy to hear, and perhaps piece together in your imagination. I get it. But, when curiosity kills the cat, and you begin to Google said person, and then find out he's real, well, you tell me? What does one believe? 

All I have to say my friends is Happy Halloween! 


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