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Chicago, is known by most as the "Windy City," or if you are a rap superstar, "Chi-town," or my personal favorite, the "Second City." Thanks New York. Unlike you, I don't think the best city on Earth is second best. I love the name because while I lived there, I chose to spend my time with the other funny people of Chicago, learning from the best improvisers, at Second City. I mean I could talk funny all day, but I am getting away from myself. 

Every once in awhile, I make it back to my home-away-from-home, for a little R&R, and to catch up with friends, and this past weekend I did just that! And while I was snapping away taking pictures, it dawned on me, that I needed to cover some of my absolute, most favorite (didn't say I was going to be grammatically correct) spots around the city! So here it goes, Chicago through the eyes of a former native! Let's talk my five favorites from this trip! *links to all places are provided!*

Pizza, duh...Giordano's & Gino's East have quite the competition between residents of the city, but I say nah. Save the arguments with your local friends and hit up a smaller pizzeria, The Art of Pizza. A slice and a drink will set you back five bucks, can't beat that! And the best part it's BYOB! 
Gilt Bar...What's not to love about this place? This dark, little nook, in River North, has it all! Great food and drinks (endless whiskey choices), a secret speak easy, and a photo booth! Don't forget to leave your mark, by snapping your pic, and tacking it to the walls with all the others! Side note: Order the Old Fashioned, you won't be sorry. And if you aren't a meat fan (like myself), try the Brussel Sprouts & Cauliflower!
If you are anything like me, then you like an after dinner beer. Well, walk a few blocks down from Gilt is the Shamrock Club. Classy name, right? Let's put it this's probably one of the only places to snag a Coors for three bucks! 
So, after a night of fun, you are going to need a cure for your potential hangover, and that is where one of the best brunches comes into play, Bakin' & Eggs. There are so many delectible treats to choose from, but make sure to taste test their 'Souther Comfort Bowl,' or the 'Croissant Sandwich (made your way).' P.S. They have the cutest mugs, oh yeah, and an awesome bakery! 
Finally, if you are going to be in town in the next few weeks, and what to do something that gets you into the holiday spirit, head downtown to the Christkindlmarket. Walk through the many booths of ornaments from around the world, while sipping your hot cocoa, and enjoy the city lights. It's free and it's adorable! 
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