Suitcase Essentials

Let me start by saying this... I was bound and determined to wardrobe pack for this trip. Meaning I was going to take a few essential pieces and mix and match them with each other to form different outfits. I even had big plans to do a blog post based on this idea! But, sadly, due to last minute packing, I just couldn't mix what I had in mind, or complete my post, so instead, I just packed what I wanted. *Cough cough* Two suitcases. Whoops!

Which, actually turned out to be not so bad! Believe it or not, I only needed the extra space because I was packing heavy sweaters, boots, and pants. But, of all the things that made the trek across the Atlantic, here are three of my favorite suitcase essentials so far. And let me preface, although I'm in the middle of Scotland, these will work wonders for any fall destination!

Cecile Waterproof Boots: These boots were made for walking, and hiking, and jumping through puddles. They are so warm, and 100% waterproof. And even better? They are cute, and go with any outfit! Available on Ugg's website, or through Nordstrom.

Calvin Klein Wrap Jacket: Man is this thing warm! And the great color combination helps to match with any outfit in your suitcase. I snagged this during Nordstrom's Anniversary event this summer, and I haven't seen it since, but I linked up a similar one!

Arctic Fox Sweater: Out of all the sweaters that I packed, this one has to be my favorite. It's so warm and cozy! The two slits up the side, make for a great sneak peak of any long sleeve that you want to wear to pull out some color! Available at Nordstrom, or on Free People's site. 

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