blue bells turns TWO!

Oh and what another year of blogging it has been. I closed out my first full year with a bang. I mean I was on point, with the outfit posts and the DIY's, and the blurbs. To be honest...I was freaking exhausted. So I took a hiatus...

And got a new place, and started a new job, and tried to figure out a way to balance everything. I grew frustrated and annoyed that my blog wasn't able to flow like it had a year ago. With my new travel schedule, it was hard to find the time for mini-photoshoots, or days to craft. And the days that I did have, and had planned for something blue bells related, I wound up sitting on my couch, exhausted. I knew I had to make a change. Then it dawned on me.

A blog should be an extension of your life. A window for your friends. A place to show what you are up to; Where you are headed? What you are loving at this very moment? What you are learning? My new lifestyle had me changing in so many ways, and if my life was changing, then shouldn't my blog? 


That's just it! My new job had sparked an idea. I was traveling to all sorts of new places. Some places I had visited before, and some places I had never laid eyes on, but all of these places had something that I wanted to share. Not in the kind of way that I rate three stars for hotel or where to nab the greatest cup of coffee (although, if it's share worthy, I'm on it), but sharing what I learned when visiting these places. Hidden streets, and secrets. Legends and stories. I wanted to share what makes a place special, and how pieces of that magic change you. 

"So, if my life was changing then shouldn't my blog?"

So, I started to tweak my blog. A lot more adventure and a lot less favorite jeans. And I know what you are thinking, "You have done it again. You have been missing for weeks!" I know. I know. I'll get to that a little later. Look, I'll be the first to admit, I could do better. Blue bell's has definitely reached her terrible twos. But, like any phase in life, we grow out of it. And that is exactly what I plan to do. Learn and grow, and fall back into the blogging life. Because what is better than doing something you love? 



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