Cacti, Oh My! And a few other things

Cacti...they have become a real obsession in my life. Without sounding completely basic, they are a cute trend that I am absolutely on board with. But what makes them even better, is their meaning; the cactus has the ability to endure harsh climates, and stand up to the test of time. Who wouldn't want to surround themselves with such a sturdy, and powerful, little friend? And oh, how I have done just that! 

I can safely say that this prickly, plant entered my life during a trip to Palm Springs. I mean the retro buildings were enough to make any blogger swoon, but add a cactus, and I just couldn't stop snapping pictures.

Then I started to spiral. On a recent trip to Queenstown, Maryland, I stopped by an awesome flower market, and picked up a few friends, that are currently residing in my kitchen. And that same weekend I found my most lived in button-up, to date. I told you...obsessed. Don't believe me, just scroll down and see the cacti-chaos, and a few other cute finds for the summer! 

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