Oh My Gourd...I Love Fall!

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You guys, it's November...NO-VEM-BER. And you know what that means...Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, A-Party-Just-Because-giving, are all right around the corner. And though everywhere I turn I see the cutest Christmas decor, I can't bring myself to decorate for the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year," just yet. 

So I have rounded up my some of my favorite fall pieces to create a Gourd-geous table spread, and some bits of fall here and there to tie the rest of my rooms together. Here's a hint...A vintage knit scarf, a sprinkle of pumpkins and a touch of plaid.  So come on in, and make yourself at home! 

Where to Begin?

Decorating a table space can be an overwhelming process, so to make things a little bit easier I pulled out all my fall favorites and spread them out on my dining room table. This is a great way to see exactly what I have so I am sure not to forget something!  

Some of these pieces I had lying around, while others I purchased new, so just in case you are feeling inspired, I have linked a few of my favorites! Oh and the best part? All of the individual pieces, I have linked below are under $7!

Ivory Dinnerware

Paprika Plates

Stainless Steel Gold Silverware


Okay, Megan...Now What?

You are probably asking yourself, "Okay, I created a mess. Now what do I do?" Well, don't stress friends! This is the fun part! Start by asking yourself what type of party am I setting for? Is it a cozy setting for four? Or is it a party for fourteen? Think ahead and ask yourself what kinds of food and beverages you are going to serve. Planning ahead for the placement of your delicious treats will help you decide whether your decor should be simple and clean or scream fall! Here are a few ideas from my pretty, little mess above...

There you have it, my fall table setting! I promise, it isn't as hard as you think. You know what you like, and once you have your favorite things lined up, that helps guide you on a theme that speaks to you! Oh, and one more hint before we depart...Use fresh! Most of those pumpkins and the eucalyptus are all fresh. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, Bedner's Farm Market has an adorable array of Cinderella pumpkins. As for the floral, I always make sure to hit up Trader Joe's! 

Happy Decorating! 


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