Weekend Essentials


The start of last year I saw nothing but adventure in my sight. Places near and far, exotic and new, but what I didn’t see, were all the quick midweek and weekend trips in my future, and the fact that I didn’t need to pack everything in my closet (ya know, just in case)! I needed to remind myself of the word essential, and just exactly what that meant when organizing my wardrobe for one of my trips. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy! 

Money here and there spent on oversized luggage, or just checking a bag, well, it adds up. So, I decided to make my life easier, by planning ahead, incorporating looks that can be combined, and packing to fit everything in a carry-on. Because, let’s face it folks, the only thing worse than spending more money on oversized luggage, is having to cart it all around on your next destination! Scroll down to see how I wardrobe my suitcase for a long weekend, and a few tips to make your next trip a little smoother! 

When packing for a quick trip, there are a few things that I need to figure out; What my color scheme is going to be like, weather, of course, and most importantly what are the plans? This year, regardless of the season, I have been all about muted tones, with a pop of color here or there. I stick with pieces that I know are versatile with each other. For instance, my striped shirt is adorable with overalls and high, black booties, but if I’m just not feeling that look, I know that it would still look great with the army green pants and sneakers! Scroll through my pictures to see how I paired up each outfit! And don’t forget to read a few of my travel tips! 

Where to buy: 

Outfit #1: // Striped Tee // Silk Bandana // Overalls //

Outfit #2: // Army Green Chinos // Adidas Sneakers // Chambray, Sweater & Scarf- Talbots Outlet

Outfit #3: // Velvet Tunic Dress // Vegan Leather Jacket // Frankie Chelsea Boot //

Outfit #4: // Oversized Flannel // 10'' High Rise Jeans // Blanket Scarf & Mauve Sweater- Talbots Outlet //


Travel Tips:

  1. Travel bag-  A backpack is a must, and Tumi is my favorite. It is small, and has compartments for everything, including my computer, notepad and camera. Three things that go everywhere!
  2. Sneakers- I wear them through the airport on every trip. Why? Well, A) because they are cute. And B) because they are practical, with their quick slip on and off potential. No one likes a slow poke in security! 
  3. Blanket Scarf- Honestly, it is the perfect blanket to snuggle up with. Oh, and also, it can be worn as a scarf, as a cape, as a quick wrap around. And the biggest plus? You don’t have to wear/lug your coat around! 
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