A little throwback Thursday...

I have had a lot of dreams growing up, but two have remained consistent in my life. Doing something that makes people laugh, and writing. When I started college I was a double major, Fashion Merchandising and Journalism. I had high hopes, and very realistic dreams that I was going to run Vogue one day (Obviously I was seeking out to be the next Anna Wintour). But, like most nineteen year olds, I changed my mind pretty quickly and changed my major strictly to Fashion Merchandising. What does that have to do with making people laugh, you say? Keep reading, I'll get there...

I did my funny thing, too. I practiced and learned where some of the greats got their start, at Second City, in Chicago. It was amazing. As a class, we would have these shows on the Main Stage. Tens of people would show up to watch us perform (also known as bomb) for forty-five minutes. It was AMAZING. I remember this one time, we were allowed to wait in the green room back stage. Feeling pretty nervous, and as I did before most performances in my life, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Let me tell you, the little room that I walked into, was not only a bathroom, but a mecca and shrine to those who had sat on that throne before me (pun absolutely intended. Listen, I said I like to make people laugh. I never said I was good at it). I busily scanned the wall, soaking in as many words of encouragement and wisdom that I could muster. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. 

Now, at the same time I was trying to become the next Gilda Radner, I'm pretty sure that I thought I was Carrie Bradshaw (actually, not pretty sure, most definitely sure), and could often be seen in some sort of crazy-colored pump, just strutting to my next luncheon (a.k.a. walking to the train, probably to skip Accounting, and most likely on my way to meet friends at the high end restaurant, Chipotle). What in the hell do each of these things have to do with the other?

Actually, this right here. While I may not have been able to live out my dreams (just yet), doesn't mean that I couldn't create an outlet that could combine the best parts of me. Picking up a pen and paper and creating blue bells & lipstick, was the best thing that I have done this year. And perhaps, the most fulfilling thing I have done for that little girl, who dreamt of being the next Tina Fey-like super star, dress up like Sarah Jessica Parker fashionista, and keeper of the magazine world, Anna Wintour. Here are a few of my favorite moments from this past year! 

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