Three Summer to Fall Looks

It's that time of year again...right? Am I right Mother Nature? I mean, this ninety plus degree weather is putting a serious damper over my fall wardrobe excitement. Anyone else with me? Well, damper or no damper, the season change is just around the corner, and I don't know about anyone else, but this is where things get tricky in my closet. When I hear Fall, I want to go all in. #basicwhitegirl. I want the booties, the pumpkin lattes, and the long sweaters, but we all know that just isn't possible at the moment. 

So, when I was out running a few errands recently, I stumbled upon this dress from Target. And it hit me. It was the perfect piece to wear now, and two months from now! Scroll down to take a peak at my three favorite looks! 

Look #1- Summer to Fall
Look #2 Summer to Fall
Look #3 Summer to Fall
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