blue bells bares all...

What is it about your late twenties and early thirties that make putting on a bathing suit the most terrifying thing about summer? Is it that you are totally aware of the foodie love that you have gained on your sides? Is it the fact that you have actually shaped into a real woman? Or, is it that absolutely no bathing suit seems to hit you in the right spot? Leaving you wishing that you had access to a nude beach, because we all know that we look better when we aren’t packaged like a sausage. Whatever your reasoning may be, I think its safe to say that all women stand untied on this one!

Every magazine we open, or instagrammer we follow, seem to effortlessly rock the two-piece with ease. Are they really at ease? I mean are they beautiful? Yes! Do they inspire me to put the GD donuts down? Of course! But, are they really okay with putting themselves out there? My bet is that their confidence is a little shaken. Either by the another woman, or by their inner monologue. 

Girl, don’t be! All women should feel comfortable in their own skin, and be proud of their bodies. We all have bodies that represent the lives we lead, like; running marathons, yoga on the daily, being a mom, or like me, a glass of red wine every night to celebrate an accomplished work day. I mean, you name it, we all have the shapes, sizes and scars to prove it. 

So, this summer, instead of spending my beach days thinking about how enormous I thought looked, I kicked my very bossy, and quite frankly, sometimes a huge biotch of a conscious to the curb, and strutted my damn stuff down the beach. And guess what? I actually had FUN! Can you believe it? And you know what else is amazing? I had confidence! 

Now, I unfortunately didn’t rock the two-piece. I am not quite there yet. But, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be. Baby steps. I did however put the stigma to bed over the one-piece suit, and purchased two of the cutest from Target. I wish I would have snagged a few more pictures of the black and white suit, but I couldn’t resist capturing the darling, tank that I rocked over top of my suit. Because I really do heart tanning, vacation, pool parties, sweet drinks and sunshine! 

Below are a few pictures from my vacay, and the links to purchase! And ladies, remember, be proud of who you are. Be confident in what you stand for. And rock your beauty in everything that you wear! 

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