The Perfect Summer OOTD

Ahh…vacation! A time to relax, shut off the world, and take a moment to enjoy the small things in life. And of course, if you are a fashionista, purchase a few pieces to expand your summer wardrobe!

To kick off my vacay wardrobe, I am going to start with two of my favorites;  an off-the-shoulder top, and bootcut denim. 

Now, I know what you are thinking…Bootcut? But I love my skinnies! It’s okay. I still love my skinnies too, and wear them with just about everything. But, I have to admit I needed a little denim change in my life, and the summer is best time to rock this look. I managed to snag these Madewell Demi-Bootcut's for around twenty-bucks, and unfortunately I wasn’t the only one. SOLD OUT! BOOO! Have no fear, there are still plenty to choose from, and if you plan it just right (aka... when they have another stellar sale), you may be able to grab a pair on sale, too! 

Bonus: These bad boys are high-waisted, so for shorties like me, they elongate my legs rather than shorten my appearance! 

And what better top to pair with these adorably, faded bottoms, but the Eyelet Balcony Off-The-Shoulder Top in Mystic Yellow. It's the perfect color to bring out your sun-kissed glow, and of course, my fav and signature, red-lip! Add a little beach hair, and a cute platform sandal, and voila! The perfect Summer OOTD!

Bonus: These tops are at the top of the summer trend-list, and can be purchased just about anywhere, so color options and patterns are endless. Make it your own!

Meg Zotis2 Comments