Floral Dresses, Oh My!

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them."- Henri Matisse

Honestly, what girl doesn't love flowers? The perfect start to something new, the perfect, bold, bunch that is trimmed at just the right length, and my personal favorite? The perfect pattern on the most darling of dresses. 

I have to admit, that I have a mild obsession with Free People. Their beautifully, flowing fabrics, short and long, have become a bit of a staple in my closet. So, when I stumbled across this flowered beauty, I knew that I had to have it. And what sealed the deal, you ask? Most of you know my love for the impossible, and my belief in all things magical, so when I found out the name for this floral maxi, Faye Wrap Dress, I didn't hesitate another second. 

Bonus: The color palette in this dress is neutral, so any color lip will do! Get mine, here

While traveling on vacay, I found this darling number at a small, local surf shop. It is the perfect, bohemian look to dress up for drinks with the gals, or to slip on for a few errands. Unfortunately, this exact piece was hard to find, for a potential addition to your style story, but have no fear! In the spirit of all things Free People, here are a couple of styles that are similar,  and just as cute! 

All My Lovin' Mini

The Sweet Tennessee Mini Dress

Bonus: I can't always do it, but when I can, I will gladly rock a "no bra situation", and in this dress, you totally can!

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