blue bells & Talbots

When one works retail it becomes a constant battle of saving your paycheck or spending it on all the cute merchandise that you unwrap weekly. It is a battle that I rarely win, and one that I am totally okay with losing! So, last week, while I was driving home, I caught a glimpse of the many Talbots bags resting on my back seat, and thought, "I need to share my Talbots Style Story!"

Talbots, is a company that strives on giving classic pieces a modern twist. It is what makes the brand timeless, and yes, ageless. I wanted to showcase some summer finds, and the fact that ALL women can embrace #ModernClassicStyle. I decided that there was no better way to show off these summer finds, than from a little help from fellow blogger, Nicky Brattina of This Blissful Moment, and interior designer and creator of Studio-1049, Bethany Williard. 

This summer, Talbots is all about showcasing fun times with friends, pretty, little, back yard get-togethers, and bold color palettes. The bold statement of red and various blues create brilliant, colored pairings that fit into any summer social event. A quick blue bells tip *If you haven't already, check out their Instagram @talbotsoffical, and you will find even more ideas for outfits and decorating tips, alike!*

So, my two pals and I decided to create a fun, little, get-together of our own. We stocked up on delicious pastries from local hotspot, Bartram House Bakery, and gathered the loveliest, little nautical pieces from Studio-1049's private collection. Our goal? To create the perfect afternoon spent with old friends and new, and to showcase a couple different ways to inspire the Talbots in you! 

 Styling Tips: 

  • Don't be afraid to go all white, this season! To break up the monochromatic vibe, be sure to pick pieces with a lot of texture.

  • Prints, prints, and more prints! The best way to wear is pairing your printed piece with a solid top or bottom.

  • Make a statement...with a necklace! 

  • BE BOLD! Whether it's with your top, or with your bottom, bright colors are in trend, this summer! And if you are anything like me, you will find a matching lip color, too!

  • Mix and match those red, whites, and blues! All three together make the perfect picnic outfit!

Links to Buy: 

*This is a sponsored post, and I was loaned items in exchange for writing a post on my blog. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own!* 

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