Ah, the act of making friends. It is something that we are taught as kids. We grow up learning and become masters at making friends in every situation. I mean just take a look at your Facebook. Most likely it is littered with people that you haven't spoken to in years, but hey, at one point you were friends with them, right? So, what happens to these fleeting friendships? We all know (but sometimes don't want to admit), we grow up and apart, but, no one ever warns you of that. And they certainly don't warn you at just how difficult losing those friendships, and making new friends, as an adult, can be. I mean, sometimes it's harder than break-up, and more awkward than an actual date!

So, the question is, what is a thirty-something supposed to do? My friend Nicky Brattina, of This Blissful Moment, and I asked ourselves this exact question all day yesterday. Ok, well, we managed to sneak in a few pictures for our blogs, and then during coffee, we discussed the question. We decided that there is no better way to start a new friendship, or rekindle an old, like taking that buddy on a "date." That's right ladies, we need to start courting each other, and remembering what assets we are in each other's lives. After all, we friended each other for a reason! 

So, like the bloggers and planners that we are, Nicky and I decided on a few "dates" of our own to get the ball rolling! We hope that over time, others will join us in our friend-ventures, or perhaps shoot ideas our way. Either way, we are ready to bring to you, the lessons, the laughs, and outright stupid moments of friends and the city. Be sure to follow our Instagram(s), @nickybrattina & @bluebellslipstick for all of our adventures!

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