The Farmer's Daughter Flowers

“You belong among the wildflowers. You belong somewhere you feel free.”

I came across The Farmer’s Daughter Flower shop on Instagram, and fell in love with the beautiful, and bright photos that this magical, little shop posted. Living in Pittsburgh myself, I was excited to learn that Lauren Work’s little hide-away was only moments from my house. 

So naturally, I called to see if I could come in and snap a few photos of the shop. 

The shop, located on the Northside of city, greets passerby's with an eclectic arrangement of foilage, and an inspirational quote, that sits in front of the blue store front. 

It was an early evening back in February, when I first walked into the shop. I went in the evening before to prep for the next day’s shoot, and even with the early evening sunset, I could tell that when I would come back the following day, that this flower haven was going to be a great place to take photos. 

I browsed the shop, and Lauren and Ashley cheerfully answered questions, pointing out whimsical, little trinkets, and all the while helping customers at the same time. I was so excited to learn that most of the pieces are made in the U.S and a few things are  one-of-a-kind, for the shop. And the flowers! I mean, they were the most original, beautiful bouquets that I have ever laid eyes on. Honestly, I could have purchased everything in that shop. and over time, I probably will!

The next morning, a friend and I went back to the shop to snap pictures, and I couldn’t have wished for better lighting. With the slow hum of acoustic bands playing in the background I got to work. I didn’t know where to look first, and almost forgot for a second that I was going to be in pictures myself. There were so many pieces to look at, and colors that caught my eye, and let’s face it, I could have snapped one hundred pictures of that mustard colored wonder of a couch. I was swept away in the tiny shop, and didn’t want to ever leave the fairytale-like realm that I found in my own hometown. I will tell you this Pittsburghers, if you ever want some locally grown, beautifully arranged flowers, head down to the shop, or just go and visit, you will be awed at the story-like wonder that they call The Farmer's Daughter Flowers.

*Here are some of the artists featured in the pictures: 

Wilderness Workshop-stained glass feathers

Ewelina pas and Tyramin- jewelry

Brooklyn Candle Co. and Formulary55- candles






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