Weekly Round-up

Hello All! I am a couple of days late with my round-up of last weeks favorites (I totally blame my tardiness on St. Patty's Day), but as they say, "better late than never."

Sunday: Last Sunday was a day filled with creativity and inspiration. I often frequent the local Barnes and Noble, and this time, I was on a mission to purchase Elizabeth Gilbert's new book, "Big Magic." As a writer and a blogger, I am always looking for different ways to light my creative juices on fire. Reading this book, opened my eyes a little wider to the world around me and the creative ways that I could live. I highly suggest to anyone that hopes to live the creative life they dream of!

"He smiled at the girl with infinite compassion and asked, "Do you have the courage? Do you have the courage to bring forth this work? The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes."-Big Magic

Monday: Tote Magazine is an online, lifestyle mag for the college aged gal. Shelby Newsome, founder and creator, started the magazine as a college project, but soon realized that it was her destiny in life to bring forth her voice, and hundreds of others. I am proud to say that I am part of the mag's Bubble of bloggers, and that my voice and writing has the chance to be heard! Check out my article (if you haven't already), "Adulting...Or Something Like It."

Tuesday: Or what I like to call, a day in the life of my boyfriend jeans. I love the versatility of boyfriend jeans. You can wear them with sneakers, heels, platforms, or sweatshirts, peplums, or blouses. It honestly is up to you and your style. I wore my favorite Old Navy BF Skinnies with a simple sweatshirt from Madewell (alternative linked HERE), but dressed up my look with a necklace and some platform booties. The possibilities are endless! And besides, any boyfriend should love you for whatever you decide to wear! 

Wednesday: Was full of wardrobe changes and fun (check back soon for more)! This outfit turned out to be one of my favs from the shoot. Any chance I get to show off my inner-tomboy, I will take it! I love the feminine look of this embroidered top (alternative linked HERE) mixed with this adorable mini skirt (currently ON SALE), and let's not forget the best accessory, my good ol'e Converse! 

Thursday: I had the honor of being invited to Rue 21's Meet and Greet, with singer and hometown gal, Daya! I am sure that you know her hit, Hide Away, and that you have been seen rocking out to it, once or twice! I have! I had the pleasure of chatting with 17 year old, Daya before snapping a few pics, and let me tell you, she is as sweet as can be! Rue 21 inivited bloggers from the area, for a tour of their offices and back stage access to the event! Thank you again for the treats and a great time! Check out some pics from the event, below!

Outfit Details here: We all know and love Forever 21, however, we know that they change their floor sets constantly! So here is an alternative outfit, still under $50 and just as cute! TIED BLOUSE and FLORAL A-LINE SKIRT. *And how cute was this Rue 21 SWAG! All this and more can be found in stores!*

Friday: Finally Friday's look was a mix-n-match of some of my favorite brands! Let's start with my denim. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am obsessed with Madewell's 9'' High-riser! The price, at first, seems a little steep, but I assure you, I have had these pants for over a year, and they just get better with age! Next, comes my button-up. We all know that I can't have enough of the color, Rose Quartz, in my life, so when I saw this shirt at Talbots, I immediately scooped it up. Talbots you say? Yep, you heard right. But I am telling you, the quality is on point, and the fit is classic, so what is there not to love? And to wrap up the look, I decided to pair denim on denim with this distressed shirt jacket from the Nave! 

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