cutest christmas craft

This time of year I am inspired by the magic of things, and with that comes inspiration to create. But, like most this time of year, I am having trouble finding the time to sit and craft for hours. So to get my crafting fix, I decided to create a fifteen minute Christmas craft! Also, this adorable DIY makes for a great gift! Scroll down for the how-to on this snowy wonderland. Oh, and I provided the links (in case you want to try it for yourself) for your supplies!  

A few things you'll need:

  1. Glass Jar with Lid

  2. Snow Spray

  3. Frosty Snow (yes there is a difference)

  4. Christmas Ribbon (How cute is the Merry Christmas ribbon? I purchased in store at Michaels, but it wasn't available online. But, have no fear! There are plenty of other really cute choices!)

  5. Mini Fir Trees

  6. Matchbox car of choice (Somehow I managed purchasing a VW van, which I thought was nostalgic, but is apparently from the show Supernatural...who knew????)

  7. Oh yes, and a glue gun!

Step 1. Glue your small fir to the top of your Matchbox. For a little extra touch, I tied a piece of red ribbon around the car. 

Step 2. Glue the car, and the extra firs, to the bottom of the glass jar. * Side note, I tried turning the jar on the side, but had trouble seeing the snowy scene with the detail on the jar, so I kept the jar vertical*

Step 3. Pour in the frosty snow for a glittery touch!

Step 4. Tie your Christmas ribbon around the base of the lid. Add a dollop of glue to the sides and back to keep in place. If you want, add a wreath to make it extra Christmassy. And now for the final step, spray your fake snow all around! *It's your choice whether you want a blizzard or light flakes!*

Merry Christmas! 

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