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“Once upon a time, there lived a girl that had lost her way. She was a strong girl, full of light and love, until a moment of darkness shadowed her path.‘Oh no’, many said. ‘Fear not,’ she would reply. ‘For without my moment in the dark, my chapters would have been incomplete, and happily-ever-after, wouldn’t have been as special to find.’”-Anonymous

Before I begin with some of my favorite make-up finds, let me tell you a little story, about my fairy whispers. 

    My very own fairy tale, began about two years ago. Let me just add that I preface the Fairy, in my tale. I was off to Ireland, as part of my masters program. It was already the adventure of a lifetime, but after you add in a request from my mom, a tea cup, and the belief of the surreal, it became more than just adventure, it became the light in my path. 

    My mother, always the believer of all things magic, wanted me to take an offering to the fairies of Ireland. At first I giggled, and sarcastically replied with an, “Okay,” whatever you want sort of response. All the while, in the back of my mind I was thinking, what a sweet, little gesture, maybe a little hope in the possibility of some magic will do me good.  

    I held on to my little trinket, as the plane took off to Dublin. Nestled safely in my pocket, I clung to it for comfort during the first few days of my trip. I carried that little tea cup, wherever I went, looking for the best fairy-like spot to place my cup of hope. 

    And then, in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains, I found the perfect spot. I took a moment, and listened to my surroundings, and headed straight for a moss covered tree, off the path. I remembered my mother’s words, and made sure to greet and thank my new friends, and then I placed my tea cup in a nook of the tree. 

    I spent some time alone on the paths of Glendalough that day, and in those moments, I was granted the power of belief. I changed in those moments, and my path grew clearer and clearer to me in the days that followed. I knew that I had always had it in me, too excited to try this, ready to pursue that, all the while never really knowing who I was, what I believed. Until now.

Now I know what I saw, and experienced that day in that forests of Ireland, and regardless of whether it was the fae, or a guardian angel, or both, that experience opened my mind to world of possibilities, And for that I will forever be grateful. 

Over the past couple of years, I have found ways to surround myself with that feeling. Whether it is little creations that I make, or products I see to purchase, I am all about honoring my belief. 

When I saw that M.A.C. Cosmetics had created a line called Faerie Whispers, I knew that I had to inquire, and purchase (most likely) each piece from the new collection. 

    The whole color palette falls right in line with Pantone’s predictions of this seasons trends. The shimmer of the golds, and light hues of the pinks and purples, in the collection, will go great with any ensemble. 

    Me? I went with foiled eyeshadows, Fairyland, and Enchanted Forest. Both eyeshadows have flecks of bronze, and go great with my skin and eye color. The champagne and warm brown illuminate the gold undertone in my brown eyes, and pair great with the mocha colored, Among the Fireflies, lipstick. For the extra hint of magic, I purchased the copper, Enchanter lip gloss. Place a coat on top of the lipstick, for an extra pop, or wear it solo on the days that you want your lips to have a subtle shine. 

    All of these products go great with Madewell's Threadmix boatneck sweater, in peach blush! Follow the link to get this great transitional piece for only $29.99! Unfortunately the Nico boot, in grey suede, is already sold out, but there are more great finds at Madewell! 

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