Second star & straight on till morning

Mary Alexa, creator of From Isla, is a talented up-and-coming designer. She has been known for her intricate wedding dresses, gowns, and lingerie, but has chosen to replace her sewing needle, for a pair of needled-nose pliers (at least for a little while). 

The FIT grad, and wonderful friend, has developed a passion for jewelry making, and has turned to Mother Nature for assistance in making her beautiful creations. 

My nature-loving friend, looks to the shores of sandy beaches, and far away lands, for her unique beach stones, and crystals. Each one is handpicked, and crafted, by Mary. She best describes her inspiration in a piece she wrote for her own blog... 

"Beauty in nature is beauty in its purest form. I believe the best designs come from swimming in the ocean and walking barefoot through the forest.  Simply being where human hands have not altered is what I look to."
Mary Alexa

The stones and crystals are fashioned with a multitude of materials to create body harnesses, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and multi-way body wraps. Not only is she inspired by the world around her, but she is an advocate to help save our special planet. 

Mary has created what she calls, Give Back pieces. A portion of the sales that she receives will go to helping the oceans and rainforests of the world. Her collection can be found on her Etsy shop.

Mary is a true inspiration to me. Her love of nature and her hope to save the extraordinary places on this globe, shine through in each of her one-of-a-kind pieces. I wanted to capture the essence of her collections, and pair her pieces with some transitional items for this Indian Summer. So we flew off  to the"second star to the right and straight on till morning." 

That place between sleeping and dreaming, is where Mary and I found ourselves for the remainder of our photo session. The beautiful sunrise, that morning, illuminated my transitional pieces with their own sparkle of magic, that became an accessory in itself. And the chill in the morning air, allowed for me to feature some warmer, layered pieces that could be shed throughout the day. 

An Indian Summer can be both a blessing, and a curse for those that love clothes. We get to have a few extra weeks with our favorite summer pieces, but are delayed in wearing our new fall threads. So, I decided to combine my favorite summer pieces, with some of my new fall ones, and came up with some pretty great combinations. 

First, and most importantly, throw out the rule that you can't wear white pants after Labor Day. White pants are very transitional and look great when paired with other neutral based colors. Pair your outfit with an ankle boot and a flannel tied around your waist and you will definitely fit into fall. 

Second, don't forget to layer your look. The early morning temperatures are always a bit chilly. Wear a light-weight sweater to start out your day, and have a t-shirt ready to go underneath. To keep your look consistent with the weather, go for a rustic shade of orange (Compass Gold-Madewell) or a blueish/gray (Storm Blue-Madewell).

Lastly, a great dress is key. Something with a lot of movement and flow will help you to keep your summer vibe alive. Rock it now, bare legged with a cute wedge. But remember, a darker color will be best to wear with tights or leggings, and boots, in just a few short weeks. 

Be adventurous and relish in the fact that you can wear two seasons at once!

"To live will be an awfully big adventure."-J.M. Barrie
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