Once Upon a Time...

There lived a little girl with big hopes and dreams of making a difference in the world. She wasn't striving to cure diseases, or achieve world peace. 

Instead, she chose a more simple task, to help people discover their own story.

With the world at her finger-tips and stars in her eyes, she chose to combine her passions. Writing and fashion were the elements that were graced upon her, to help those who crossed her path.  

Through her words and fierce spirit, she guided their story and helped define their style. 

Each week I will be featuring new trends, finds and inspirations. Some will represent me, and part of my story, and others will reveal the fearless ladies in my life. 

Everyone has their own story full of creativity and spark. Blue bells & lipstick allows my imagination to run free, in style. 

Find me back here, each week, for a spurt of inspiration. For your daily doses, follow me on Instagram (link in contact page). 

Expose the world to your happiness, and let us in on what makes your story magical!

blue bells and lipstick
blue bells and fairy lights

Between Worlds

On a nearby trail marked, "Between Worlds" (a perfect coincidence for my first photo shoot), I discovered my inner fairy tale, as well as, showed off some of my fall favorites from Madewell.

A special thank you to @maryalexa and @bethwilliard for helping me set my first post up. Follow these amazing ladies and their talents  for more inspiration 

Links for the pieces are provided, below. 


Blue dress  //  Slip // Chelsea Boot // Skinny High Rise // Bien Fait Sweatshirt //  Necklace

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