Plaid Party's everywhere! And believe me when I say, I bought everything! I would find myself strolling up and down the aisles, and placing any and all things plaid in my cart. I would walk into my favorite store, and head straight for the plaids. This was it. I had done it, I had hit plaid-bottom. 

I would come home with bags full of plaid trinkets, or pieces for my fall wardrobe, and I would just think, "Gingham, Tartan, Buffalo-check, OH MY!" I had no clue what I was going to do with all my new finds. 

Then it dawned on me...a plaid party! So, naturally I marched right out and bought more, and more, and more, until I was reminded that I actually had to plan the party. 

I won't bore you with these minor details, but I will however tell you about what I learned the night of my Plaid-tastic evening.

I have amazing family and friends, who all showed up (in their best plaid, of course), to help me celebrate, well, nothing at all.  We all sat around. Old friends and new. We told stories, relived moments and created new ones. A bunch of different people, getting together, to roast a s'more by the fire, and sip on spiced apple cider, and without them realizing it, they started to celebrate these new friendships. 

Like all colors and patterns of plaid(Okay, brace yourself for my cheesy moment), we were groups of colors that wouldn't normally go together, unless pulled together, by a like color scheme. And so, on a cold, star-lit, November evening, surrounded by plaid, my family and friends became one, beautiful and eclectic pattern of our own. 

Check out some pictures from my Plaid-tastic evening, below! And keep scrolling to the very bottom for an added photoshoot of some of the best plaid around!


Best Plaid...

Best Plaid
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