Happy 1 Month Blogiversary!

Today marks the day that I have been blogging for one month! Don't worry, that doesn't mean that I will be like a middle-schooler (in her very first relationship) celebrating every month, it just means that today is a day to say THANK YOU! 

Fashion and writing are passions of mine, and have been since, well since before I can remember. Both are ways that I can express myself, or inspire others, and the fact that I get to combine them both is a dream come true. 

None of this would be possible without the help of a few friends. These friends (you know who you all are), have cheered me along the way, stepped right in and helped on photo shoots, and never let me give up. Thank you a million times, you truly have been my inspirations! 

And lastly, for the readership that I have gained. Thank you. Because of you, I have a place to post and people that are inspired by me! Here's to many more months of sharing our style stories! 

Check out some of my favorite pics, so far!

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