Capsule Wardrobe

With all of the things that I have going on in my life; work, writing, and styling, I can't waste one minute lingering in front of my closet, frantically pulling out pieces, trying to decide what to wear. So, every Sunday night, I take a half hour to plan out my wardrobe for the week. 

I make shopping in my own closet super easy with the help of this awesome app called, Cloth. I can pull out pieces, snap a quick pick and pair them up to make outfits for the week. And the best part? I  never have to worry about repeating the same combos because Cloth keeps pictures of my pieces for future reference. This app also makes life super simple, when I want to share a look with a friend, or even organize my wardrobe by the weather. 

Don't let my tech savvy ways deter you, though. If you aren't a tech-nerd (like myself), just grab the pieces that you want to use for the week, hang them up, and place them in the front of your closet. Try to keep them in order of how you want to wear them (remember, it's all about keeping your life simple).Be sure to snap a few pics, and create a favorites folder in your photos, so that you can reference them later. 

Here are a few tips on how to start a capsule wardrobe:

1. Pick a color combination. You want to make sure that your pieces can be paired several ways. If you know of a favorite piece you want to wear this week, great! Go with it, and work your other items around the main color. 

2. You want to pick pieces that you can transition from day to night. Feel free to change a pant to a skirt, or swap a bomber jacket for a jean jacket. The combinations are endless!

3. Have fun with your accessories. This is a chance to spice up for your repeated pieces. Swap that heel for the leather, ankle bootie!

It's not often that we like to, or get to, go shopping in our own closets, but you may be surprised at what you will find (I certainly was). So start looking! And don't worry, if you get stuck, below is my style story for this week. Take a look, click the links,and be inspired! 

Capsule Wardrobe

Click on the outfits for BIGGER inspiration!

Monday: Plaidshirt Dress, Buffalo Plaid Coat

Tuesday: Black Overalls, Floral Blouse (sold out of my fav, but a great alternative), Boyfriend Denim Jacket

Wednesday: Quilted Bomber Jacket, Denim Shirt (sold out of my fav, but a great alternative), Boyfriend Jeans

Thursday: Textured French-Terry Top, Black Wash Skinny Ankle Jean, Buffalo Plaid Coat

Friday: Wool Pullover Sweater, High Riser Skinny Jeans, Quilted Bomber Jacket

Friday-Date Night: Wool Pullover Sweater, Sparkle Zip-front Pencil Skirt

Saturday: Boyfriend Denim Jacket, Denim Shirt (sold out of my fav, but a great alternative), High Riser Skinny Jeans

Sunday: Quilted Zip-front Vest, Popover Shirt (sold out in my fav, but a great alternative), Boyfriend Jeans


Accessories: The Transport Tote

                      The Dakota Cutoff Boot (sold out of my fav, but a great alternative)

                      Wool-Felt Fedora

                      Chelsea Rain Boots

                      Nude Pumps


*special thanks to Studio 1049 for creating my fantastic clothing rack


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