Why It's Okay That Not All Friendships Last Forever

Why It's Okay That Not All Friendships Last Forever

Good Morning! Just wanted to share a snippet and a link for a new post that is up on Tote Mag, this morning. Everyone at some point has asked this question about friendships, and so I decided to dig a little deeper and find out exactly WHY some friendships just don't last...

We are encouraged in our very early years to find a connection with a like-minded person, aka form a friendship. We are told that the best thing to do is stick with them, stick up for them, and in return you’ve got a buddy for life.

In kindergarten, it was as simple as finding someone that rode the same bus as you, or maybe someone that had the same color backpack. Then, middle school rolled around, and we created bonds with those we played sports with, or did musicals with, or girls who wore the same striped Gap sweater and butterfly hair clips (and that is a BIG fat yes to me owning the both of those). And those friends, well they became better friends, and then best friends, and they helped pave the very awkward path into high school. Then BOOM, high school is over and you’re walking into the dorm room with the same damn kindergarten mentality, just praying that someone on your floor has the same color sheets as you. But what happens when college is over, and your Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants brigade grows up and apart?


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