Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

I don't remember what my exact thoughts were when this pic was snapped, but I can tell you what I know now, when looking at it. I see hope, and belief towards a new beginning. I see the power within myself to do something great. 

Don't get me wrong, I have had a thousand moments, in between the time this picture was taken and now, when I wanted to give up. And if we are being completely honest, there were moments when I did. Little did I know, that while in my personal pit, all I managed to accomplished was throwing myself the pity party of the year, and making those around me miserable too. I didn't realize the power that I held within someone else's world.

It is a tough pill to swallow when you start to see the toll you've taken on others, and then realize the number you've done on yourself. When all you do is live, eat, sleep and breathe negativity, that is exactly what you become. Just a negative mess. What I had to learn is that we aren't meant to be shadowed in the dark, we are meant to shine in the light.

In time, you will realize this too, and you will also start to see that you are stronger than you think. And the things that make you tick, like your dreams and goals, are far too important to lose, just because of one, crappy chapter in your life. So you crumble, but you pick up the pieces, and you begin again. I have worked hard to break down the barriers that left me too crippled, and too blind, to see and feel the beauty that surrounds me.

So, my advice to you, on this beautiful Thursday, is to take one step closer toward you. Whether it's a baby step, or a freaking leap! It's a step towards piecing a bit of you back together. Maybe all it will take is one, tiny, positive thought about yourself, or maybe you will finally quit that sh**ty job! Whatever you decide! You will be one step closer to your dream, or passion, or just being YOU!  

New beginnings are for finding yourself among the rubble, and building your potential back up. Taking this leap is a way of telling yourself that you have the courage to trust in hope. To trust in yourself, and all the beautiful things that you will accomplish in this world. Go be you!

💋 Meg

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