Tis the Season...to Give Back

My Mummers...She was everything you see in this photo and more. She was strong and resilient, fun and funny. She was loving and open, brave and fearless. I ask myself, every single day, exactly how I can be more like her. I want to wake up and be just as courageous and kind. Boy was she resilient. Her ability to accept everyone was truly amazing. There honestly wasn't one person that she wouldn't talk to, or say hello to. She was contagious. Mummers was a rare act of kindness in this world. 

So this Christmas, I am going to give back in a way that I never have before. Now, before I start, let me just say that giving isn't about being boastful, and that is absolutely not what this is. I share her story, and how I am going to help, because it's a life saving cause. Because it creates hope in a sometimes hopeless situation. And because in the end, every little donation helps, towards the battle against cancer. 

About six years ago, my Mummers passed away from Multiple Myeloma. This cancer is formed from malignant plasma cells. Typically normal plasma cells, lie within the bone marrow, and help our immune system. When the cells become cancerous, they form tumors within the bones, causing your immune system to weaken, and your bones to become brittle. Currently, there is not cure for Multiple Myeloma, however, the cancer can be weakened and lie dormant.  

For 11 years, my Mummers went through the ringer. She crushed her way through chemo. When she was sick and knocked down, it didn't matter, she got right back up. And the most amazing feat of all? She stood strong during several stem cell transplants.

Now, this is the important part at this moment... I was watching Chelsea Handler on Netflix, not too long ago. Kristin Bell was a guest, and she was talking about a recent cause that she became a part of...becoming a bone marrow donor. The light bulb went off, I immediately opened another tab on my internet browser, opened www.dksm.org, and ordered the kit. That simple! P.S. honestly guys, it truly is that simple, I even made a video. Click here to watch! 

Let's face it...cancer sucks! But the good news is, is that because of the organization DKSM, the world has gone from 3,000 donors, to 68,000 donors! They don't just have offices in the U.S., they have them all over the world! They are the organization that is going to, "Delete Blood Cancer."

There are two ways to give once becoming a donor...blood cell donation, or a bone marrow donation. The latter being a bit painful. But, hey...if my Mummers could do it, then I absolutely can, too! So here I go, off to the post office to mail back in my swabs! Thank you, my friends, for taking the time to read and watch something that is so near and dear to my heart. There are so many people out there that need help, and love, and just a bit of kindness shown to them. And today, Mummers, I know you are here watching me spread some of your wonderful love out into the world. 

How are you giving back this season? I would love to hear your ideas, so be sure to leave your comments below! If you want to donate, just follow the links above, or if you are unsure how to give back, this holiday season, check out some of my fellow Pittsburgh Style bloggers for more ideas! Be sure to linger on their beautiful sites for a bit...you won't be sorry, they are an amazing group of gals! 

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