blue bells book tree

Books, to me, are the essence of everything. They bring you moments of joy, and adventure. Moments of clarity, and hope. Moments of love, laugher and belief. Books are the gateway to other worlds, and most importantly, this time of year, they are the keeper of magic. And this time of year, we could all use a little extra magic in our lives...

So, instead of a tree this year, I opted to create my very own book tree. Just a little reminder that this time of year anything is possible when flipping through the pages of your own story. Alright book nerds, lovers, and writers of the world, grab your favorites, start stacking, and decorate anyway you like! Bright lights and fairy tales are always a start! 

And to really get you inspired, scroll down for some of my favorite quotes! 

*quotes and pictures were pulled from Pinterest

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